Before I Begin

At the age of 19, I was living away at college and was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis. My parents and I spent hours/days/weeks looking on the internet for someone like me. Sure, there is information about RA out there. The unknown causes, time frame for a diagnosis, blood test results, treatment options, side effects, overlap of other chronic illnesses, prognosis, and so on. But, young people with rheumatoid arthritis is not the norm. My intent of this personal and educational blog is to increase awareness and encourage other young RA patients while providing healing information and compassion to their families. If I can help one person feel that it’s ok to have rheumatoid arthritis then my challenges have been worth it. If I can give a mom or dad (like mine) a little peace, then I will have achieved my goal.

You can never go wrong with an inspirational quote to make a day better.

“Forget yesterday.
It has already forgotten you.
Don’t sweat tomorrow.
You haven’t even met.
Instead, open your eyes,
and your heart to a
truly precious gift;

Before I begin

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